Saturday, December 13, 2008

Book Update

by Chris Wendel

It's interesting but predictable to see the hits on this blog dwindle as we vamp and discuss Buffalo sports happenings independent of the Braves. I was tempted to give my take on the Bills sojourn to Toronto last week but when the game failed to generate any strong reaction (other than low level of disgust similar to the Braves 77-78 season) but I thought better of it and decided it best to cut to the chase.

We're moving into the home stretch on the completion and printing of "Buffalo, Home of the Braves". The large coffee table style book documents the eight year run of the Buffalo Braves is scheduled for release in February of 2009. We've been delayed numerous times by edits, new photo acquisitions, securing memorabilia, and the unforeseen events in one's life. This time I'm very confident we'll have a product in hand to satisfy the demand of a strong contingent of Buffalo Braves fans (they exist in larger numbers than you can imagine).

So here's the deal; the book is priced at a publication price of $89 in a limited addition of 1500. We've pre-sold many copies at a lower introductory price that is available until January 1, 2009. To secure your copy at the lower rate, email us at and we can get you the details. We are also offering gift certificates with the introductory price to reserve copies of the book.

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