Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Return of the Buffalo Braves

Work has been underway for several months on a book featuring the history of the Buffalo Braves, the National Basketball Association's forgotten team of the 1970's. The publication will include plenty of pictures, player interviews, and stories. My brother Tim Wendel is writing the majority of the content, and the research on my end has been a long, arduous but rewarding trip down memory lane.

Who remembers Danny Neavereth's voice booming "That's two for McAdoo!" thundering upwards into the upper reaches of the Aud's oranges? Or nights when throngs of Buffalo fans piled in 17,000 strong to see the Braves take on Wilt, Kareem (or was it Lew Alcindor?), Oscar, Pistol Pete, or the hated Celtics?

What we need are great stories and memories of the Buffalo Braves from fans and season ticket holders. They can be recollections of favorite players, memorable game situations or the exciting atmosphere that existed at the Aud when Braves were on their meteoric rise to the top of professional basketball.

So please send us your input and if we use it you will be acknowledged in the book and receive a discounted copy as well.

Tell us your story in the comments section below or email your Braves stories to: